Lexus hybrid battery special additional warranty is an extension of the Vehicle Battery Warranty, post expiry of Manufacturer’s standard vehicle warranty

In this program you can experience Special Additional Warranty by which Lexus covers all the repairs / replacements similar to standard warranty (except as stated in this document) and hence ensuring True peace of mind.

With Lexus hybrid battery special additional  warranty you are eligible for:

1. Warranty Extension of Standard Warranty

2. Lexus Genuine Parts

3. Lexus Quality Service

4. Pan India Lexus dealer claims acceptance

Lexus Hybrid Battery Special Additional Warranty is transferrable to the subsequent owner of your vehicle if period or km (Whichever is earlier) you have opted for is not lapsed.

Lexus hybrid battery special additional  warranty ensures good condition of vehicle by use of genuine parts and quality repairs. Ensuring better resale value of your Lexus vehicle.


Your vehicle must be

(a) Registered in India for private use only

(b) Vehicle is under Manufacturer warranty period

Start of Lexus hybrid battery special additional  warranty:

The Lexus hybrid battery special additional  warranty coverage begins from the date of expiry of the Manufacturer Standard Vehicle Hybrid Battery  Warranty period of 5 Years / 150,000km (whichever is earlier).


1. LEXUS Hybrid Battery has the total Warranty of 5 Years / 1,50,000 km (whichever comes first) for any manufacturing defect.

2. Customer opting for Lexus hybrid battery special additional  warranty under this program will be eligible to get additional 3 years / 10,000 km(Total 8 Years / 160000 km whichever comes first for any manufacturing defect) from date of sale of vehicle

3. The Lexus hybrid battery special additional  warranty is applicable for the Lexus vehicles sold by Toyota Kirloskar Motor Pvt.Ltd. . in specific period. Please check your vehicle eligibility with your nearest authroized dealer

4. Toyota Kirloskar Motor Pvt.Ltd. Reserves the decision of sale of product to select vehicle based on inspection and the result of vehicle health

Vehicle Owner's Responsibility:

• Proper use, maintenance and care of vehicle in accordance with the instructions contained in the Owner’s Manual and Service Booklet. If the vehicle is subject to severe usage conditions, such as operation in extremely dusty, rough, more repeated short distance driving or heavy city traffic during hot weather, maintenance of vehicle should be done more frequently as mentioned in Owner’s Manual and Service Booklet.

• In order to maintain the validity of this Extended Warranty, the vehicle must be serviced by Toyota Authorized Dealer or Service Centre in accordance to the Owner’s Manual and Service Booklet.

• Retention of maintenance service records. It may be necessary for the customer to show that the required maintenance has been performed, as specified in Owner’s Manual and Service Booklet.

•  Customers are required to continue to visit authorized Lexus Dealerships for performing Scheduled maintenance along with Hybrid Care throughout the 8 Years/1,60,000 km ownership period to avail the benefit of HV Battery extended warranty.

• We recommend you to follow the below interval for Scheduled Maintenance along with Hybrid Care based on Usage Conditions.

1. Normal Usage – 1yr or 10000kms (whichever comes first)

2. Severe Usage – 6months or 5000 kms (whichever comes first)"

Damage or Failure resulting from [ Not covered under this policy ]:

• Misuse, abuse (such as racing, overloading, riding over the clutch), accident or collision, theft, flooding or fire.

• Use of improper, adulterated or insufficient fuel, fluids or lubricants.

• Negligence in getting the vehicle serviced within the stipulated kilometers and time period as mentioned in Owner’s Manual and Service Booklet.

• Use of parts other than Lexus Genuine Parts.

• Any device and/or accessories not supplied or not approved by Lexus.

• Modifications, alterations, tampering or improper repair.

• Action of road elements (sand, gravel, dust or road debris) which results in stone chipping of paint / glass or damage to any other part.

• Any repair carried out other than by Lexus Authorized Dealer / Service Centre.

• Slight irregularities not recognized as affecting quality or function of the vehicle or parts, such as normal noise or vibrations, or items considered characteristic of the vehicle.

• Airborne fallout, Industrial fallout, acid rain, hail and wind storms, or other Acts of God.

• Parts used in applications for which they were not designed or not approved by Lexus

• Revolution or Mutiny, any intentional or mollified act of owner or a driver, abuse of the vehicle, negligence.

• Incidental or consequential damages, including without limitation, loss of time, inconvenience, loss of use of vehicle or commercial loss.

• The vehicle which has been used for any sort of competition, sport and rally, transport for hire of persons/goods or driving school etc

• The vehicle in which the odometer has been tampered with, changed or been disconnected.

• No liability will be accepted for damage caused by neglect, intrusion of foreign or harmful or injurious matter, lack of servicing, overheating, freezing or abuse to the continued use of the vehicle after a fault has become evident or for consequential loss on the failure of parts not covered by this Extended Warranty.

• No liability will be accepted for any losses covered under any accidental damage or road risk policy or for any road hazard/fire or accident damage, no liability of any kind exists in respect of third party.

• Vehicles fitted with non-genuine LPG/CNG kits are not applicable for Extended Warranty

  • Wherein customer failed to adhere to the responsibilities mentioned in this document

Important to note:

• This Extended Warranty scheme has no surrender value, no refund/cancellation of warranty premium is available and it cannot be transferred to another vehicle.

• This Extended Warranty period and mileage is valid as per purchased product/program

• This Extended Warranty is transferable to subsequent owner for the remaining Warranty Period.

• Extended Warranty Prices are subject to change without any prior notice.

• All Extended Warranty options are subject to change/obsolete without any prior notice.

• All disputes arising out of this Extended Warranty will be subject to the jurisdiction of courts in Bangalore, Karnataka

Privacy Policy

1. We will use your personal information to generate the invoice which you willingly shared to Toyota Kirloskar Motor Pvt. Ltd and to our Authorized dealerships during new car sales. No additional personal data or information will be collected by Toyota Kirloskar Motor Pvt. Ltd. or its authorised Dealers, for any process related to Extended Warranty.

2. We  will use your personal information to provide personalized features to you and to provide for any discount offers to you through the Website and other channels. We will also provide this information to business associates and partners to get in touch with you when necessary to provide the services requested by you. We will use this information to preserve transaction history as governed by existing law or policy. We may also use contact information internally to direct its efforts for product improvement, to contact you as a survey respondent, to notify you on any promotions and discounts. Information about Customers on an aggregate (excluding any information that may identify you specifically) covering Customer transaction data and Customer demographic and location data may be provided to Dealers of Toyota Kirloskar Motor Pvt Ltd for the purpose of creating additional features on the website, creating appropriate merchandising or creating new products and services and conducting marketing research and statistical analysis of customer behavior and transactions.

3. We will not use your financial information for any purpose other than to complete a transaction with you. We do not rent, sell or share your personal information and will not disclose any of your personally identifiable information to third parties. In cases where it has your permission to provide products or services you've requested and such information is necessary to provide these products or services the information may be shared with Toyota Kirloskar Motor Pvt. Ltd business associates and partners. We may, however, share consumer information on an aggregate with its partners or third parties where it deems necessary. In addition we may use this information, to help investigate, prevent or take action regarding unlawful and illegal activities, suspected fraud, potential threat to the safety or security of any person, violations of the Site’s terms of use or to defend against legal claims; special circumstances such as compliance with subpoenas, court orders, requests/order from legal authorities or law enforcement agencies requiring such disclosure.

4. To protect against the loss, misuse and alteration of the information under its control, we have in place appropriate physical, electronic and managerial procedures. For example, our servers are accessible only to authorized personnel and your information is shared with employees and authorized personnel on a need to know basis to complete the transaction and to provide the services requested by you. Although we endeavour to safeguard the confidentiality of your personally identifiable information, transmissions made by means of the Internet cannot be made absolutely secure. By using this site, you agree that Toyota Kirloskar Motor Pvt. Ltd will have no liability for disclosure of your information due to errors in transmission or unauthorized acts of third parties. To correct or update any information you have provided, or in the event of loss of access details you can send an e-mail to: [email protected].

How to Make a Service Request:

In the event of failure, the owner must:

1. The owner must immediately take all steps necessary to minimize the extent of loss.

2. Depending on whether the vehicle is in a condition to be driven, the owner shall drive it or have it towed without delay, to the nearest Lexus Dealer for repair. Please check if you have opted for Retail "Road Side Assistance" package or purchased the same along with Extended Warranty as a combo pack then contact the number provided in owners manual [ Please contact toll free No: 18001025001 ]

3. The owner must notify the Lexus Dealer about the valid Extended Warranty

4. Lexus Dealer will establish the cause of failure and needed parts replacement and labour will be done free of cost under Toyota Extended Warranty.

5. A reasonable time to complete the repairs must be allowed after the vehicle is reported to the Authorized Lexus Dealer.

6. The owner is responsible for paying for any other work that the owner asks the Lexus Dealer to carry out.


No dealer or its or his agent or employee is authorized to extend or enlarge this warranty and no dealer or its or his agent or employee is authorized to make any oral warranty on Lexus’s behalf. Lexus reserves the right to make any change in design or make any improvement on the vehicle at any time without any obligation to make the same change on vehicles previously sold. Warranty service shall be provided only by Lexus's authorized dealers and Dealer Service Branch. Lexus’s decision is final and binding on the Owner of the vehicle in all warranty matters. Lexus reserves the right for the final decision on all warranty matters.

"Toyota Kirloskar Motor Ltd's obligations to perform under this Service Agreement* is administered by Toyota Kirloskar Motor Ltd.

*Service Agreement means the coverage as set out in this document, which you have purchased from Toyota Kirloskar Motor Ltd to protect your vehicle.”



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